21  November

Showcase View

By Alex Curran

The Showcase view is designed to highlight and showcase specific parts of apps to the user with a distinctive and attractive overlay. This library is great for pointing out points of interest for users, or obscure but useful items.

The library is based on the “Cling” view found in the Launcher on Ice-Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, but extended to be easier to use.


16 comments on “Showcase View”

  1. Steven Schoen Reply

    LOVE IT!

  2. Jon S Reply

    The animateGesture() method starting on line 447 of the main class is not compiling for me. I thought this was a dependency issue, but the error is that the method literally doesn’t return anything–even though it should.


  3. Harshal Reply

    Can someone help me in applying showcase view generated from code (no xml is used). I’m trying it, but focus is at some other place than actual custom view.

  4. pyus13 Reply

    In samples ConfigOption is declared and defined but not used anywhere how to use that in case of MultipleActions Showcase.

    Please help.

  5. ─░hsan Reply

    When I added the library to the project, I get the following error : Unable to execute dex: GC overhead limit exceeded!!

    • akandroid Reply

      I have the same problem too. When I added the library to my project, eclipse also became very slow and keeps on crashing.

      • Arjun

        when u remove “robolectric-2.2-20130909.210745-40-jar-with-dependencies.jar” from libs folder and clean the project then it works fine.

  6. Anmol Reply

    My eclipse ide hangs when i run the sample application ! help please!!!! Java heap space error :(

  7. Chris Reply

    look so cool :)

  8. amir Reply

    How to use?
    Give a full explanation,please

  9. Javier Dorfsman Reply

    Hi! I’m having problems importing the git to my android project.
    I’m using Eclipse as an IDE.
    Is there any explanation/manual?

  10. rado Reply

    Exactly what i was needed. Great job!

  11. JayR Reply

    This project is really great, it helped me a lot but I have question here, How can I implement multiple ShowCaseView ?

  12. Denis Reply

    Important question: Can I use this library for commercial purposes?

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