23  November

Sliding Menu

By Jeremy Feinstein

SlidingMenu is an Open Source Android library that allows developers to easily create applications with sliding menus like those made popular in the Google+, YouTube, and Facebook apps. Feel free to use it all you want in your Android apps provided that you cite this project and include the license in your app.

36 comments on “Sliding Menu”

  1. Štěpán Víteček Reply

    I have a problem with the implementation of this library. Is there anyone who can help me with implementation process? I am beginning Android programmer, so sometimes I need help :-)

  2. francisco velazquez Reply

    I wanted to know if you could switch between activities using this sliding navigation, or if it was only used to switch between fragments?
    I am using the latest library, and looking at the ResponsiveUI Demo. I want to have the navigation links on the sliding menu to switch activities instead of fragments. Any idea on how to do that?
    My first thought is to attach click listeners to each item that will send an Intent for a new activity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Roman Hošek Reply

      Francisco, yes, you can, with right flags as no animation and overridingPending animation for starting Intent. But animation of closing menu is not so smooth. I think because of finishing last activity in background. Im using it only for test implementation to existing app, if you desing new one, you probably should use fragments for seamless solution.

  3. Alik Reply

    There’s a dependency in ActionBarSherlock in the example project but not in the library project. he Library project is the important part, so why make the example test project so complicated?

  4. Alik Reply

    There’s a dependency in ActionBarSherlock in the example project but not in the library project.
    The Library project is the important part, so why make the example test project so complicated?

  5. Mahesh Reply

    HI, am facing the problem while importing this project in eclipse for SlidingFragmentActivity

  6. Duanniston Reply

    Muito bom ! fácil de usar e lindo!

    • caozhuofan Reply

      ni hao

  7. Ashwin N Bhanushali Reply

    Your example project is very complicated please give simple example project.It’s very annoying ………….. Please change it.

  8. Sean Reply

    The AboveView is swallowing all events to the behind menu. Makes this pretty useless.

  9. Faysal Reply

    How to implement left_right sliding menu ? I have seen your sample project in which i am not able to solve my problem. I want two different sliding menu in left and right side with two different fragment. How to do that?

  10. Jonas Fabonan Reply

    How can i add different textview with different icons/ images… because the example demo the automatic creation of list items….

  11. Sal Reply

    Does anyone know of any good tutorials on how to get this implemented in a project with Android Studio or IntelliJ (since Android Studio is pretty much build on Intellij). Everything I’ve seen so far is all regarding Eclipse and unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out how to get this to work in Android Studio.

  12. Darrin Reply

    Is there any way to darken the view that was slid to the side? So the menu would be the regular color/brightness, but the vies that gets pushed over grays out a bit.

  13. sddhu Reply

    nice website i love it

  14. liam Reply

    Does anyone know how to set this up in android studio??

  15. Me Reply

    Just make an example that just shows how the the thing is done, combining many works into it makes it hard for newbies

  16. Vu Reply

    When trying to include this as Android dependency in Eclipse… it complains that there was already an android-support-v4.jar in the existing project. How can I resolve this issue? Remove one from SlidingMenu project?

    • Vu Reply

      LOL Never mind, it’s a mismatch in version so I updated it to match what I have in the project and the error was gone.

  17. kiko Reply

    pretty library

  18. Dimitri Reply

    I want to know how can i open a new activity from the right side of the menu slider when i clicked on a clicked event from the left side of the slider. Is this possible and how ?

  19. Ben Reply

    Hi, Please if anyone have example how to integrate slide menu in my project step by step ?

  20. Damandeep Singh Reply

    I have used the Sliding Menu and really love it. I have the source code of my app at https://github.com/singhdd93/TIMELINEPICS
    I need some help in hightlighting the currently selected menu item. It should remain highlighted until the other item is selected. Please help me

  21. Dani Reply

    The left menu opens with the home icon in the left side from action bar. How can I open and close the right menu clicking in a menuitem in the right side of the action bar?

    • Johnsonmaung Reply

      can’t control with option items… i tried i got it.. but i can make the image size to same with left…

      • Johnsonmaung

        sorry i can’t resize icon to same…

  22. Johnsonmaung Reply

    how to Resize the menu… i want to wrap just icons.. little side menu.. pls reply.. thanks a lot for this library..

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