27  December


By Nicolas Desjardins

An Android ViewGroup that implements a paged grid with drag’n’drop movable items.

Inspired by Bill Lahti‘s article Drag-Drop for an Android GridView.

9 comments on “PagedDragDropGrid”

  1. Steven Schoen Reply

    This would be awesome if it was a drop-in replacement for GridView :(

    Still really cool nonetheless.

  2. Harsha Reply

    Hi This is amazing………………

  3. Iram Reply

    Simply Superrbbbb ……thanks for sharing :)

  4. sagar Reply

    hii this is amazing…how can we do the sequantial drag and drop instead of swaping….reply

  5. newbie Reply

    Awesome man. Thanks for this.

  6. Diego Reply

    Awesome !!!!! tks.

  7. Sameer Reply

    I am working on Drag and Drop Functionality with GridView and I want Vertical Scrolling while Dragging an Item inside a Grid. So Please Help me to get out of this problem if u can share your views about this it would be very helpful. Thanks in Advance..!!!

    • DJ Reply

      @Sameer : im using https://github.com/thquinn/DraggableGridView . It allows scrolling while dragging, but i do not like it much due to my inability to resize the grid to better suit my needs, im dragging around 16:9 pics on a 4:4 grid and there are giant gaps between pictures, yes it works, just looks…weird, there maybe be a setting I have yet to find, or this may suit you perfectly, but I am going to continue searching. Hope this helps

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