By David Scott

RibbonMenu, based on Google+ app, is a sliding drawer style navigation menu for Android.

8 comments on “RibbonMenu”

    • Paito Anderson Reply

      Really? I think it’s beautiful and really functional.
      Are you a Android Dev?

    • Gopal Krishnan Reply

      Really? As an android dev this is awesome. Also, given the effort gone into making this and the fact that they are not charging for it I would at least have a sense of respect for them. Thanks for this library, I know personally how much of a pain it is implementing this.

  1. Mohd Irteza Reply

    Very cool library. Very accessible. Although, I would really have loved to see the library apply the same kind of sliding towards the right like facebook app does. But still, very well done! :) and thank you!

  2. Fabrice Reply

    Your library is very great, but when I use a ViewPager the menu is under my fragment.
    I didn’t find the issue yet.

    Thank you.

  3. Patrick Walmsley Reply

    Just curious, what is the difference between your RibbonMenu and SlidingMenu?

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