Slide Expandable ListView

By Tjerk Wolterink

Not happy with the Android’s ExpandableListView android offers? Want something like the Spotify app? This library allows you to have custom ListView in wich each list item has an area that will slide-out once the users clicks on a certain Button.

24 comments on “Slide Expandable ListView”

  1. Galin Georgiev Reply

    Slide Expandable ListView is gread new addition :)

  2. Amit Reply

    I’ve always thought this feature made the Spotify app unique and amazing; can’t wait to use it in my own app! Thank you!
    What controls the style/color of the divider between list elements?

  3. Tjerk Wolterink Reply

    @Udi indeed! You are also mentioned on the github page! Thanks for your initial idea. You should have credit too!

  4. MrBIMC Reply

    Is it possible to make menu expand on View clicked? As far as i see now, that library expands menu only on you click a button. I need to expand that thing when listitem(WHOLE VIEW) itself was clicked. Is it possible to do that?

    • Nadav Fima Reply

      just set the ClickListener to the adapter’s convertView (inside getView()) instead of whatever button.

      • luiz

        How would we able to have each cell or item to expand menu instead of a button?

  5. free Reply

    Slide Expandable ListView is an awesome open source view that could work for you.

  6. Orin Reply

    This is a great work. If I want to do multilayer expandable list. What to do? Please help me.

  7. Peter Reply

    I know it must sound dumb, but is it possible to put it inside an expandable listview ?I need to make exepandable rows inside an exependable listview.

  8. luiz Reply


    How would we able to have each cell or item to expand menu instead of a button?

  9. adegeye mayowa Reply

    Is it possible to remove the small arrow that shows on the right? If it is, how can i do that

  10. Mobola Reply

    The library works, but the example returns error as it is not referencing the library even though I tried everything. Please help!

  11. Tom Reply

    Comment out line 36 and 38 in the home activity of the demo, the classes do not exist

    • Tom Reply

      DURP the comment above is wrong.

  12. Vu Nguyen Reply

    Thank you for this lib. It works great.

    But I have an issue with the last row on the bottom, as it expands… it was off-screen… anyway to expand above on the last row?

    Please advise!

  13. Ashray Shetty Reply

    A great alternative to quick action Pop Up.

  14. Din Islam Reply

    I’m getting error while importing this into eclipse” The import com.tjerkw.slideexpandable.library cannot be resolved”

  15. Ferran Negre Reply

    I am having an issue. After the adapter launches listView.smoothScrollBy(..), when I click an element, the first click is ignored (and you have to click twice). I am trying to do something with onInterceptTouchEventbut it always fails in some cases.

  16. Jonathan Reply

    Is there a way to find out if a row in your list view is “Expanded”. I have been searching but can’t seem to find anything. I’d like to make some changes to my views based on whether they are expanded or not. Thanks. Love this library, I use it in all my apps.

  17. Diz Reply

    What to add in the build.gradle file as dependency? It is not mentioned on the GitHub site.

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