Holo ColorPicker

By Lars Werkman

A beautiful Android Holo themed color picker designed by Marie Schweiz and Nick Butcher and developed by Lars Werkman.

Download from GitHub

14 comments on “Holo ColorPicker”

  1. Stew Reply

    Looks great, there is no documentation available and code is not commented. This makes it difficult to implement.

  2. Lars Reply

    Hi Stew, I made an documentation so hopefully this will help! I added it to the README file.

  3. Stew Reply

    Awesome, thank you!

  4. Andrzej Reply

    Great work ! Thanks !
    A wonder if it could possible (and how) to add white, black and shades of grey to that fine picker…

  5. Lars Werkman Reply

    Thank you Andrzej! There has been beautiful redesign after this banner was made. Which adds a opacity and value/saturation bar. Choosing shades of grey isn’t integrated in the design and there for can’t be selected. But black and white are just increase the value or saturation for each color. On github you can find the screens of the new design!

  6. Lars Werkman Reply

    As an addition to my last post, there has been added a separate saturation bar and value bar which gives you the possibility to choose all colors including gray!

  7. KHAN Reply

    this is absolutly good Source!! Can I use this source to make my application with no copyright?

  8. KHAN Reply

    emm.. I’m sorry, I’m not good at English.. That means.. if I use this source to make my Application, do I have to pay?

    • Lars Werkman Reply

      Hi Khan,

      Yes you can absolutely use it without paying, the license is an apache 2.0 license.

  9. Pär Steffansson Reply

    Hi Lars, I like the design of your color picker. I am looking for a color picker for the Inard CAD and Inard Floor Plan (almost 200,000 downloads). I am currently using minSDKversion=7 but you are using 8. Do you know if it will work well with 7?

    • Lars Werkman Reply

      Hi Pär,
      Sorry for the late reaction but I think it will also work with minSDKVersion 7
      You can change that sdk version on the library and use it I think!

  10. michael Reply

    Hi, this is best looking colorpicker for android I seen. But can I use it in PreferenceScreen? And if so how?

  11. Sotero Ordoñes Reply

    Hi, this is best colorpicker :)

  12. Pablo Valle Reply

    Hi, Lars, want to thank you for this amazing piece, it’s the nicest I’ve ever seen! I’m using it in CustomCalc

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