12  January

Parallax ScrollView

A Parallax ScrollView which takes a background and foreground view, in the ParallexScrollView.

By Christopher Jenkins.

Download from GitHub

7 comments on “Parallax ScrollView”

  1. Kevin Hill Reply

    Cool, but I wish they had better documentation with their code.

  2. Chris Jenkins Reply

    Hi Kevin, Apologies, it was a bit of concept, I have a better ways of generating the desired effects, once I have completed my current project I will open-source a lot more cool parallax stuff which is much more flexible than this.

  3. Kiran Randhawa Reply

    Hi Chris,

    I love the concept… I started with the android SDK just yesterday…

    I’m new to android dev… I don’t even know how to import the library. Perhaps it’s my lack of knowledge that’s currently letting me down but it would be great to have an explanation or a pointer to a site showing me the correct procedure to follow so that I can import this into my own project?

    Anyway I would really appreciate it if you could give me some pointers… I would happily research it myself but I’m a little worried that I might start going down the wrong route….

    Many Thanks,
    Kiran (UK)

  4. Jiju Reply

    This seems to be cool… Thanks

  5. Javed Siddiqui Reply

    Can we use parallax library for Horizontal scroll?

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