12  January

Parallax ScrollView

A Parallax ScrollView which takes a background and foreground view, in the ParallexScrollView.

By Christopher Jenkins.

Download from GitHub

5 comments on “Parallax ScrollView”

  1. Kevin Hill Reply

    Cool, but I wish they had better documentation with their code.

  2. Chris Jenkins Reply

    Hi Kevin, Apologies, it was a bit of concept, I have a better ways of generating the desired effects, once I have completed my current project I will open-source a lot more cool parallax stuff which is much more flexible than this.

  3. Kiran Randhawa Reply

    Hi Chris,

    I love the concept… I started with the android SDK just yesterday…

    I’m new to android dev… I don’t even know how to import the library. Perhaps it’s my lack of knowledge that’s currently letting me down but it would be great to have an explanation or a pointer to a site showing me the correct procedure to follow so that I can import this into my own project?

    Anyway I would really appreciate it if you could give me some pointers… I would happily research it myself but I’m a little worried that I might start going down the wrong route….

    Many Thanks,
    Kiran (UK)

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